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Spiritual Disciplines

Fall 2020

Introduction to Spiritual Disciplines

Spiritual Disciplines: Gratitude

"In Praise of Gratitude" from Harvard Mental Health Letter

Matthew: Six Themes Everyone Should Know

Fall 2020

Lectio Divina for Beginners

Sunday School in Progress 02.jpg

Matthew 25/Facing Racism

Summer 2020

PC(USA) "Facing Racism" Study Guide

Matthew 25 Participant Guide

Matthew 25 PC(USA) Brochure

Notes on Confession of 1967 Handout

Week 7: R.P. Jones Commentary

Racism: Reading List

Facing Racism Curriculum

PC(USA) 1999

"Facing Racism"

MLK, Jr. Beloved Community

Mission Statement Handout

The Confession

of 1967

The Westminster Confession of Faith

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