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If you feed us, we will come!

The Congregation Care team always puts out an amazing spread when we gather for fun and fellowship.

Learn--Serve--Play!  Life at Westminster

If you are looking for a do-nothing, boring church home, you have come to the wrong place! Westminster embraces the small-but-mighty attitude, and offers a rich buffet of opportunities for you to learn about God, to serve God, and to celebrate God's gifts through recreation and fellowship.

You can scroll through this page to explore some of our favorite activities, and check out the Activity Calendar to see when events are scheduled. While some are paused because of public health concerns, others are continuing as virtual gatherings. If you are interested in participating, please use the form on the Contact Us page to find out how you can be part of the fun!

Presbyterian Women

On the second Monday of each month, our Presbyterian Women's Circle meets to share a Bible study, work on their many missions projects, and enjoy a meal together. Meeting location varies--sometimes gathering at church, and other times exploring a local restaurant or even a fellow member's home hospitality.

Recent PW mission efforts include purchasing new table covers for the Fellowship Hall and collecting baby clothes for a mission trip to South Africa. The annual Joint PW dinner is always a highlight, involving women from Ware Shoals, Ninety Six, First Presbyterian, Hodges, and New Faith.

Family Night Suppers Feed Both Body and Spirit

You can call us "the frozen chosen," you can call us "Westies," just don't call us late for dinner! Several times throughout the year, we gather in the aptly named Fellowship Hall for a Family Night Supper. Nancy Dozier and her crack volunteer team of chefs always deliver a delicious dinner. The meal is followed by a program, with topics ranging from super serious to super silly. 

The photo gallery at left (double click to view) shows Westminster's family and friends enjoying "A Game Night to Remember." No ice was left unbroken, and many new friendships grew out of the experience.

Missions in Motion

At Westminster, mission work of all kinds is extremely important to us. We are constantly on the lookout for ways to share God's word and do good in His world. In addition to the variety of activities we pursue as a congregation, many members have their own personal commitments to work that aligns with their gifts and calling.


You will likely encounter WPC volunteers everywhere from Habitat for Humanity building sites to the Greater Greenwood United Ministries and everything in between. We also have decades-long history of supporting PC(USA) special offerings.

Check out our 2019 highlight reel to the left!

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