COVID-19 Response: 

Our prayers continue without ceasing for those who carry the heavy burdens of this pandemic.

At Westminster, we practice social distancing and wear masks at all of our in-person activities. Also, we have consciously provided online opportunities for members and friends who cannot be with us in person because of distance, health issues, or safety concerns. God is with us all, no matter where we are, whether connected by social media, Zoom gatherings, or our website. 

Those who gather in person have felt comfortable that there is space enough to spread out in the sanctuary so that we can maintain appropriate social distance. Pew spacing is designated with cheerful white tulle and bows to keep us aware of where to sit safely.

Worshippers keep their masks on throughout worship (or other activities) to protect those around us and to minimize our own risk. Masks are available in the entryway for those who arrive without on. Speaking, reading aloud, and singing are permitted, but only with a mask on.

We are thankful that our members and friends have remained generally healthy. We want to encourage you to continue to take care of yourself and to practice every precaution to take care of those around you. 

Center for Disease Control and Prevention- COVID-19
South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control

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